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Bullying a disfigured person isn’t just mockery – it’s a hate crime

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In October I wrote an article for The Guardian newspaper about facial disfigurement-related disability hate crime. You can read it here.

I'm thrilled that my article has had over 1200 shares online. I've also received a really positive response on social media from survivors of hate crime - because despite what some people think, disfigurement and disability hate crime IS a problem, it does exist and we need to stamp it out. 

Thank you to everyone who sent me lovely comments about the piece. Here's a selection of tweets I received:

Excellent article on bullying and facial disfigurement by

Thank you for sharing this courageous article by !

A powerful article from : ‘Bullying a disfigured person isn’t just mockery – it’s a hate crime’

You're 100% right , keep fighting ..

I donated my fee for this article to the amazing charity Changing Faces who do so much to support people with facial disfigurements. Do check 'em out!

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